Friday, April 24, 2015

Mock Car Crash

With cars backed up for miles, Pinnacle High School students stared in shock as paramedics urgently dragged seniors Liam Castle and Michael Headley and junior Annalise Hunt out from under a flipped over car on March 18. Two helicopters touched down outside the parking lot, loading the teenagers into the aircraft and soaring off. Set up by Student Government, students watched this mock crash as a reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Crowded around the gates surrounding the crash, students fervently snapped pictures, immediately posting them to their snapchats. Tweets bashing the display contrasted with those of students who stood up for the campaign, as they realized the peril of drunk driving. The action on social media at 7:30 in the morning surpassed an entire day’s worth, as students from all surrounding high schools heard all sides of the situation going on.

In addition to the crash, juniors and seniors attended an informative assembly, highlighting the consequences of others selfish actions. Members of our community volunteered time to share their stories, driving their serious point across.
Natalie Orr | Editor-In-Chief

Future Hearts

All Time Low’s new album rocks the world
Pop punk band, All Time Low, released their new album, Future Hearts on April 7. With a new sound that conveys less of a rock feel and more of a pop and alternative feel, their fan base expanded. At the top of the charts on iTunes, this new sound proved to do them well.
Keeping the rock feel with songs like “Kicking and Screaming” and “Dancing with a Wolf”, they keep their older fans happy while introducing their newer fans to the punk pop feel.
“It feels like a definite progression. I wouldn’t say it’s an insane departure or anything like that. We haven’t gone completely the other way and tried all kinds of new things. We’ve certainly tried some new things, but I don’t think it’s necessarily going to alienate anyone or push people away that loved the last record. There’s a lot of stuff that’s in line with Don’t Panic, but there’s a lot of stuff that’s a logical step from it, too,” Alex Gaskath, the lead vocalist and guitarist, said. Probably referencing songs like “Missing you” and “Satellite” that do have a more alternative/rock/pop feel to them.
Whether you’re young, old, man or woman Future Hearts is an album everyone should listen you. It’ll make you realize the new up and coming rock and punk pop style of the future. This album includes songs that will last a lifetime and teenagers as well as young adults can enjoy and relate to.

Jordyn Shevat | Financial Editor

Thursday, April 23, 2015

DECA Takes New York

Pinnacle DECA chapter travels to New York City

On March 19th, 24 Pinnacle DECA chapter members, including six of the officers, boarded an airplane. Their destination: New York City. The group travelled all over the city, to places such as the Empire State Building and Federal Reserve. In all of these places, the DECA members learned the behind the scenes of how the organization or tourist destinations that they visited, worked and how they run on a day-to-day basis. Specifically, the students toured company known as Crowdtap, which taught them marketing and advertising concepts in a modernized environment. Crowdtap is a people-powered marketing firm that acts as an intermediary between large corporations and consumers. This is done through the interactive use of social media. Crowdtap had advertised and marketed for large companies such as Colgate and Procter and Gamble. With the fact that DECA members learn marketing and  business concepts to help the them in their aspiring career fields,  the tour of the company helped to reinforce the ideas they typically learn in the classroom.  Besides going on the company tour, another agreed highlight of the trip was the tour of the Federal Reserve. The students had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn how the current monetary system works  in the United States, as well as learn how the Fed holds over 98 percent of the world's gold in assets in the only location of its kind in the world- an underground chamber located in the New York City’s Federal Reserve. Overall, the DECA students, in their five day trip to New York City,  had a lot of fun while learning in the process.

Tiffani Hamilton | Copy Editor

Pinnacle Boy's Lacrosse

During the week of March 30th, the Pinnacle High School boy’s lacrosse team had two home games and one away game. The first game was on March 31st and the Pioneers played against Corona del Sol High School for a home game, and won 14-9. The pioneers next played on April 1st against Corona del Sol again for another home game win of 14-9. The Pioneers next game was an away game against Mountain View High School for a close win of 12-11. The boy’s lacrosse is ranked 15 in the state and a record of 4 wins and 6 losses.

Courtney Ball | Staff Writer

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tips for a Healthy Life

Maintaining a Sustainable Lifestyle

Eat Healthy. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables every day and limiting sugary, caffeinated foods will allow you to feel better overall and help you maintain a healthy weight. Also, eat a balanced diet, with limiting the portions of your food for each meal of the day. Besides fruits and vegetables, focus on eating proteins, which will replace the amino acids in your body that are broken down through natural processes.

Be Active. Your weekly exercise should consist of at least two and a half hours of physical activity. Try including activities that change the frequency of your breathing and heart rate while still building up muscle. Staying active will help you maintain your weight and reduce blood pressure, while reducing your risk for many diseases including diabetes and arthritis.

Manage Stress in Your Life. Managing stress in your daily life will help you relax and focus on the task at hand. Try balancing home, school, sports extracurricular activities with the support of your friends and family and good use of time-management. This mindset will help you relax and always remain positive no matter the situation. Lastly, try to get between seven and nine hours a sleep a night so that you are alert during the day.

Tiffani Hamilton, Copy Editor | 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

War Of Integrity

News Anchor stars raise the question of journalistic integrity

“Without integrity, a journalist has nothing.” - A wise quote from reporter Jack Taylor Sr. while testifying in front of an Oklahoma courtroom back in 1992. Even in the modern day, Mr. Taylor’s words still ring true in eyes of the public when it comes to reports of reputed newscasters lying about their own experiences. Now infamous in NBC history, NBC Nightly News anchorman Brian Williams was suspended due to refuted accounts of his experiences during the Iraq War. Meanwhile, Fox News plays defensively in support of their star anchor, Bill O'Reilly, after accounts of O’Reilly’s reporting during the Falklands War in Argentina came under fire for accuracy. However, both sides encountered different results.

          In the case of Brian Williams; after reportedly exaggerating claims of being in a helicopter crash during the Iraq War, veterans poked holes in Williams’ account claiming he not only wasn’t in the helicopter squadron, but also that he arrived with a different squadron an hour later. For many years, Williams has retold the story, although gradually changing the details with each retelling. Officially apologizing over national television in February 2015, Brian Williams became under pending investigation. With little choice remaining, NBC suspended Williams without pay on an “...indefinite leave of absence.” Neither Williams, nor NBC have decided to speak further pending further investigation.

         On the other side of the news spectrum, Bill O’Reilly encountered a different scenario. News outlet Mother Jones, accuse O’Reily of embellishing his war reporting experience during the Falklands conflict. O'Reilly claims that Argentinian police fired into the crowds, killing many people, while he evacuated his injured camera-man on the scene. However, Mother Jones and even his own reporting crew from CBS in 1982, refute his claims entirely. O’Reilly vehemently defended himself and immediately dismissed the accusation as “left wing zealots bent on destruction.” Fox News also defended O’Reilly by dismissing claims and supporting the original story. With no investigation. and no re-admission of arguments, the matter has become relatively quiet.

         Both cases have significant differences that affected the outcomes of each scenario. Firstly, Brian Williams did not openly deny his embellishment for many years; Bill O’Reilly immediately dismissed the accusation and shot down all who opposed him. Secondly, NBC immediately opened an investigation into Williams’ story, citing sources and interviewing first-hand accounts; Fox News not only didn’t investigate the issue, but they fully came to O’Reilly’s defense after the accusation. Lastly, those that accused Williams’ of embellishment were firsthand witnesses/veterans of the Iraq War. These veterans were both supported by the general public, and convincing to both sides of the political spectrum. Meanwhile, O’Reilly’s opponents were mainly from liberal leaning news outlets. O’Reilly was able to rally his conservative base (which is in to the millions of viewers) and outright declare their motives to be political. Without a solid story like the Williams’, O’Reilly’s charges were not able to stick.

         Regardless of motive or intention, both cases have uncovered a wider issue affecting journalism: Embellishment. Like Jack Taylor Sr. stated, without integrity, a journalist has nothing. We as a public must be vigilant for honest journalism regardless of political leanings. Objectivity should be the goal of all newscasters, for they are the face of their news organisation. Honesty is essential for worthwhile news for it is our window into the world around us.

Chris Harlig, Staff Writer | 2015

Tips for a Healthy Life

Rise in test scores with the increase of studying skills

As the beginning of the third quarter kicks off, tests and quizzes become more and more frequent. The following lists multiple tips and tricks in order to maximize success on difficult exams. Everyone has different studying methods that work best for them, so if these don’t work for you, keep trying different methods until you find one that works the best.
  1. Don’t cram the night before the test! Space out the materials you need to be studying, for at least a week, focusing on one main idea at a time. This is known as “spaced repetition” and involves splitting the information you are learning into separate areas and review them periodically over the course of a week.
  2. Study all of the important information first. All of the little details will become easier to remember once you understand the main concepts.
  3. Take bullet point notes of the information you are studying. This will help you focus on the main, important ideas.
  4. Take frequent breaks while studying so that you are able to retain and remember the information better. 
  5. Find a comfortable place to study, with little distractions, so that you can fully focus on the task at hand.
  6. Find a good time to study. Do not study after the time you usually go to sleep, for you may fall asleep while studying. If you are a morning person, study in the morning. 
  7. Put the information into a story. This will make the information more meaningful and memorable.
  8. Take practice tests. Practicing taking the tests in a stress-free environment will help you when it comes down to the real deal.
  9. Write the information out. Writing the information out will help you store the information more securely in your brain. Do this by copying the most important parts of the notes.
  10. Review the information by reading it out loud, which will also help you store the information more permanently.
Tiffani Hamilton, Copy Editor | 2015